3D Validated automated CFD process

Create pedestrian-friendly spaces around your projects

automated 3d maps import for norway

Make urban planning easier with ArchiWind 3D Maps. With only one tool, you can create pedestrian-friendly spaces around your projects. No more guesswork: the intricate details of each street and building are automatically downloaded onto an easy-to-read map.

automated wind statistics import for the chosen location

ArchiWind is a new way to interact with your wind data. It allows engineers to collect, generate and analyze wind data crucial to designing pedestrian-friendly projects. The tool is providing an advanced degree of information about local wind conditions for optimal urban planning, design, and construction.

automated state-of-the-art wind assessments following the London standard

Automated wind assessments using state-of-the-art wind measurement instruments. The ArchiWind system allows you to create pedestrian-friendly spaces. The tool has been developed in accordance with the London standard.

signed report ready to be delivered to the authorities

ArchiWind saves you time. Export your detailed report for pedestrian-friendly spaces. It contains all the data, drawings, and photos required to present your project before the local city council. The process is much easier with this ready-crafted report.

pedestrian comfort maps generated from 16 wind directions

ArchiWind allows you to create pedestrian-friendly spaces around your projects. With its elegant and intuitive interface, you can generate maps for different wind directions using an average of 16 wind directions in just a few clicks.

3d visualization of comfort maps

See how pedestrians will react to your projects through the ArchiWind comfort maps. You can also use these to test out your ideas and improve the comfort of your spaces. These visualizations are based on a study of human movement and comfort conducted by our team of experts in urban planning, architecture, and civil engineering.

visual 3d placement of the building

Creating a visual 3D placement of your building is easy as 1-2-3. Architectural and engineering solutions based on algorithms are allowing the automatic generation of 2D placement, 3D models, and sequences of shots from different perspectives.

from BIM to GIS to CFD

Smart, streamlined, validated, and fully automated CFD processes for pedestrian comfort

ArchiWind is a fully integrated end-to-end solution for analyzing wind. Combining the import of BIM models with GIS maps, it creates a seamless, validated, and automated workflow leading to faster results, fewer errors and lower costs. The BIM files can be uploaded as .IFC files, with ArchiWind automatically converting them and including them on the retrieved map. Simplify your processes, maximize your ROI, and get the answers you need to move forward: that’s what ArchiWind is all about.

Smart, streamlined, validated, and fully automated CFD processes for pedestrian comfort
From global to local

Georeferenced models automatically imported into the map

With ArchiWind you are able to visualize locally relevant data regarding wind and comfort on a global scale. The models are imported into the map automatically, making it quick to define your project area. Georeferenced.IFC files will be seamlessly placed on the map. Wind statistics are retrieved automatically based on best practices and used as input for the wind simulations and to generate the comfort map. The maps are generated using the Lawson Criteria.

Georeferenced models automatically imported into the map
Robust and reliable

Validated against benchmark results

ArchiWind provides a high-quality tool, and a validated methodology to meet your needs with easy-to-use software. The methodology and workflow behind it are validated against experiments, providing all users with reliable results. This technology is based on advanced computer vision algorithms and machine learning approaches.

Validated against benchmark results