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the vision

We aim to reshape the world of wind simulations by streamlining, automating, simplifying, tuning and finally deploying web based tools, bring the power of HPC CFD simulations on browser and mobile devices.
about us

the story

Nabla Flow was founded in 2018 by Siri Kalvig, Knut Erik Gijlarhus and Luca Oggiano and became fully operative in September 2019. With the founding team having a strong technical and commercial background, Nabla Flow aimed since its birth to reshape the world of flow simulations, making them accessible to non-expert professionals in multiple fields. With the depart of Siri Kalvig in late 2019, Luca Oggiano is now leading Nabla Flow as CEO and Knut Erik Giljarhus is the leading the technical development as CTO. Nabla Flow is currently operative on multiple fields (urban wind, professional sports, product design, wind engineering, meteorology, tunnel analysis, aerodynamics) and actively implements technologies from different fields (machine learning, automation, cloud development, optimization, parametrization, generative design) to redesign the way wind simulations are seen, executed and used.
about us

the technology

The tools used and developed within Nabla Flow are based on NablaCore. NablaCore is a scalable, seamless, web based technology build on OpenFoam and deployed on different cloud computing platforms.

A small team of experts working closely with clients

We provide consultancy for wind simulations, using the most sophisticated algorithms and techniques.
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Luca Oggiano

CEO | Co-founder | PhD
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Knut Erik T. Giljarhus

CTO | Co-founder | PhD
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Morten Kompen

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Fredrik Fang Liland

Head of CFD
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