3D visuals and cloud-based automated pedestrian comfort maps

Create pedestrian-friendly spaces around your projects

Automated 3D maps import for Norway

Automated wind statistics import for the chosen location

Automated state-of-the-art wind assessments following the London standard

Signed report ready to be delivered to the authorities

Pedestrian comfort maps generated from 16 wind directions

3D visualization of comfort maps

Visual 3D placement of the building

from BIM to GIS to CFD

Smart, streamlined, validated and fully automated CFD processes for pedestrian comfort

ArchiWind combines the import of BIM models with GIS maps, allowing users to have a seamless experience. The BIM files can be uploaded as .IFC files, with ArchiWind automatically converting them and including them on the retrieved map.

3d mesh of a cityscape
From global to local

Georeferenced models automatically imported in the map

Georeferenced .IFC files will be seamlessly placed on the map. Wind statistics are retrieved automatically based on best practice and used as input for the wind simulations and to generate the comfort map. The comfort maps are generated using the Lawson Criteria.

mesh rendering of the world
Robust and reliable

Validated against benchmark results

The methodology and workflow behind ArchiWind is validated agains experiments, providing the customers reliable results.

3d simulation showing predestrian comfort around a building