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Investigating the Possibility of a Big Jump for Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding at Granåsen Ski Centre

How NablaFlow's CFD Investigation Provided Valuable Insight for Trondheim Kommune's Decision Making Process.

thermal comfortcfdwind

Assessing the Impact of the restructured design of Arne Rettedals gate 12 in Stavanger

Maplan and DARK arkitekter are regulating a new building in Stavanger. Nablaflow contributed with digital wind simulations to assess the impact of the Arne Rettedals gate 12 development on pedestrian comfort and livability.

NablaFlow’s copyright: Rendered model of the new residential area with streamlines coming from the simulation run on Archiwind

Ensuring Pedestrian Comfort in Stavanger's New Waterfront Area

When designing new waterfront structures, it’s important to consider the impact of wind on pedestrian comfort. That’s why Stafr, the project managers for the new project Pynteneset, enlisted the help of NablaFlow to conduct a wind study on their new residential area in Stavanger.

NablaFlow’s copyright: Supercar CFD simulation with the help of AeroCloud

The need for speed and sustainability: NablaFlow joined the supercars’ race towards a greener future

“The age of the internal combustion supercar is drawing to a close, and the electric supercar era is now emerging”

Paradise area is under Stavanger Kommune urban development and modernization
thermal comfortcfdwind

How wind data is changing the way we design cities. Paradise project - a Stavanger Kommune success story

Wind can have long-term effects on architecture, urban development, mobility, and real estate industries

3D rendered results of a SuperCar simulated with AeroCloud

AeroCloud Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is changing the way you can do Product Design

A tool to build, visualize and analyze computational fluid dynamics models on the cloud