User-friendly cloud solution for 3D aerodynamic simulations

AeroCloud- A streamlined CFD tool providing cutting-edge aerodynamic insights

A streamlined CFD tool providing cutting-edge aerodynamic insights

Streamlined & flexible

Upload your model(s) and submit your simulations in just a few simple and intuitive steps. Our flexible algorithms will do the rest, including meshing, simulating, and post-processing.

Results within hours

Proper CFD is computationally intensive. Your simulations are powered by hundreds and sometimes thousands of computer cores working simultaneously to bring you results within hours.


We know CFD. Our setup is validated against wind tunnel experiments for multiple applications, and scientific articles have been published in high-level journals

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AeroCloud is a tool aiming at providing useful aerodynamic insights as seamlessly as technically possible. It builds on our combined experience with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and aerodynamics gathered through more than ten years of research and consultancy work. AeroCloud enables you to explore the aerodynamic properties of your designs in detail without the need for a professional consultant.

digital wind tunnel simulation
Complex to simple

Launching simulations in no time

Setting up and submitting your simulations could not be quicker.

All we need from you is five inputs:
  1. Your 3D model(s) in .stl or .obj file format
  2. A name of your simulation
  3. Relative wind speed
  4. Whether to include the ground or not
  5. Yaw angle(s) if applicable

(Results should be available in a few hours.)

"tuck position simulation with wind lines

Forces and moments – an overview

Investigate acting aerodynamic forces and moments such as drag, lift, and roll. Even get to know the required power to balance the aerodynamic resistance and maintain a constant speed. Tables provide the overall values, while more detailed insight can be acquired through sets of figures and an interactive 3D visualization. Uploading multiple parts of the models, or models of multiple parts, allows for studying the contribution of each component.

bar graph showing comparison between results from a wind tunnel and AeroCloud
Customer oriented, customer tuned

Flow fields – a deeper understanding

Unlock the true power of CFD by studying the flow fields to understand the winds behavior around your models.

It includes examining:
  1. the pressure field
  2. the flow paths of air parcels
  3. the shape and extent of the wake region(s) / recirculation zone(s)
  4. the location(s) of flow separation and reattachment

Doing this enables you to make data-driven design decisions to optimize the aerodynamic performance of your designs.

animation showing a skier going into the tuck postion

No more hidden charges

Pick a pricing plan that is best for you
Pay as you Go
€ 0/ year

Perfect for personal use or small company

  • € 500per simulation
  • Free consultation hours
  • Free results report
€ 15 000/ year

Perfect for larger companies or for people who run alot of simulations

  • € 150per simulation
  • 5 free consultation hoursper month
  • Free results report
Can be the difference between winning or losing
Kajsa Vickhoff Lie
Kajsa Vickhoff Lie
Norwegian World Cup - Alpine Ski Racer
It's like walking into a dark room and turn on the lights. It's simply revolutionizing
Robert Reid
Sports Scientist
This is a tool that can help give us victories
Aleksander Aamot Kilde
Aleksander Aamot Kilde
Norwegian World Cup - Alpine Skier

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